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Welcome to Zigy, the go-to platform for connecting Brands and Affiliates with personalized landing pages. Effortlessly design your own eye-catching website to showcase your favorite products, while Brands enjoy broader exposure.

Zigy makes it easy to create and customize your site, fostering a thriving community that encourages growth and collaboration. Don't miss out - join Zigy now and start building your unique landing page today!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a part of the powerful Zigy network. Join now and start building your personalized landing page today!

Be Yourself

Unleash Your Creativity with Our Robust Landing Page Builder
  • Create Your Personalized Shop: Be it Jewelry, Skin Care, Clothing, or Fitness, you're in control!
  • Full Shop UI Editor: Accessible on both Desktop and Mobile Devices for seamless customization.
  • Integrate Facebook or Google Analytics: Gain valuable insights and optimize your shop's performance.
  • Global Selling Made Easy: Currency conversion simplifies international transactions and broadens your reach.

Mobile First

Master Your E-Commerce Empire On-The-Go!
  • Mobile Control: Manage your shop effortlessly from your mobile device or desktop.
  • Easy Sharing: Share directly to social media or friends from your phone (Android & iOS).
  • Stay Updated: Instant notifications for checkouts and conversions.
  • Connect with Brands: Real-time conversations with the brands you feature.
  • Shop Makeover: Update your shop's look and feel anytime, right from your phone.

Are you a Brand?

Seamlessly Connect Your Existing E-Commerce Shop to Zigy:
  • Effortless Integration: Use Zigy Connector for Shopify or CSV Importer to link your inventory/products.
  • Expand Your Reach: Make your products accessible to thousands of affiliates.
  • Engage Directly: Discuss your sales plan and collaborate with Affiliates.
  • Customize Commissions: Set commission structures for individuals or groups.
  • Customize Commissions: Set commission structures for individuals or groups.