Getting Setup with Zigy for Brands

Step 1: Onboard your Products

Products in Zigy
You can add products in multiple ways, such as connecting directly to a Shopify shop, uploading products via a CSV file or add them manually.

Step 2: Find your Fans

Discovering eRetailers
You can search for those you feel would represent your brand the way you wish to be represented. Invite them to carry your products and create connections you can work with.

Step 3: Design your Shop (or Template)

Shop Builder
Create a compelling Shop or Template that you can use to sell directly OR have your fans adopt right when they join. It makes it easy on everyone.

Step 4: Build a Campaign around just about anything

Campaign Builder
Campaigns can be used when doing Social Media blitzes to bring on new fans into the Zigy world. You can create everything from the messaging to their default Zigy Page they can use to sell your products.